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Sun City Security has the experience, resources and expertise to provide high-caliber security service to a wide variety of industries including protection of facilities, technologies, products, site access, key control, and protection of other valuable assets for the following industries:

Corporate and Industrial 
Hotel / Motel 
Trucking Industry 
Construction Sites 
Shopping Centers and Retail Stores 
Automotive Dealership 
Security for Special Events


Our office is open 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Our operations desk is staffed with competent personnel who understand your security needs. You will find them to be focused, fast, friendly and helpful. 


The traditional security survey is the most effective tool to determine the current state of security and identify areas of vulnerability. This is a formal and comprehensive on-site assessment of all aspects of the protective programs at the company, an evaluation of vulnerability and critical factors, and real or perceived threats and hazards that may effect it. The survey helps to define the level of protection needed to safeguard assets and resources that need protection. In addition the security survey is used to identify problems that may not have been previously defined. Sun City Security utilizes the ten step security analysis and continuous improvement process outlined below:

1. Study Current Position 
2. Determine Objectives 
3. Identify Problems 
4. Find Root Causes 
5. Explore Alternatives and Choose Solution 
6. Develop an Action Plan 
7. Implement Action Plan 
8. Check and Verify Results 
9. Evaluate Procedures 
10. Review and Revise as Needed 

In addition to assisting the formation of a master security plan, the security survey helps to develop measures by which the security goals can be evaluated.


Because a successful start-up is essential, Sun City Security begins every job with transition planning. We commit the time and resources necessary to ensure a smooth transition. Client involvement in this phase may be as extensive or limited as they desire. The transition phase includes:

Security Survey 
Development of a detailed security officer instruction manual (Post Orders) 
On-site training of security officers


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