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Post Orders are critical to security officer force operations. Because the concerns of each client are vastly different, it is necessary for security officers to become acquainted with all aspects of the facility where they are assigned. Sun City Security provides the security force with a “Post Orders” manual for each security post. Post Orders constitute the specific directions for the security personnel to follow while performing duties on each post on each shift. The manual outlines approved security procedures, and all the rules, regulations, and client expectations relating to security officers’ performance. 

Records and reports prepared by the individual security officers are valuable management tools for both the client and the security company. By reviewing the all shift and post reports on a daily basis, the management staff can develop a clear picture of the activities which occur within a facility at all hours of the day, identify hazardous or unsafe conditions, and draw certain conclusions regarding the security officer’s performance. 

Supervision provided to the guard staff is of exceptional importance. Field supervisors conduct field inspections at frequent intervals, and preform unannounced inspections on a periodic basis. Field inspections not only allow us to identify and resolve many problems on the spot, they also serve as an excellent training medium for our security officers.

Sun City Security is an Equal Opportunity Employer and strictly adheres to all federal, state, county, and city rules and regulations.

Since 1978, the key to our success has been our people and their ongoing commitment to quality, image, customer service and continuous improvement. As a rule, all guard services draw from the same pool of available candidates; only the quality of the people within the pool, the selection process, and the leadership and training provided by the security company are different.

Sun City Security’s selection and hiring procedures meet and exceed the standards set forth by the Texas Commission of Private Security. Hiring standards and procedures include, but are not limited to the following:

• Pre-screening telephone interview to determine if the candidate meets minimum requirements (at least 21 years of age, reliable transportation, U.S. citizen or authorized to work in the U.S., and valid driver’s license). 

• Initial face-to-face interview conducted by the Office Manager. During this phase of the hiring process the candidate is judged by appearance, ability to communicate effectively both in writing and verbally, and whether the candidate is physically capable of preforming the duties of a security officer. The candidate is asked to provide professional references, past employment history, and educational background. 

• During the second interview we collect all the necessary information to register the candidate with the Texas Commission of Private Security, begin the Level One In-House Training Course, and background investigation which includes, but is not limited to the following: 

    • FBI Background Check 
    • DPS Personal Reference Check 
    • Employment History Check 
    • Fingerprint Submittal

All Sun City Security personnel are subject to random drug and alcohol testing by an independent source. 

At Sun City Security we take training very seriously. Security officer training is always a “work in progress,” and is evaluated and conducted on a daily basis to ensure the highest standards possible. 

Every security officer is required to complete the training outlined below and must achieve a minimum score of 70% on the written examination.

Texas Commission on Private Security Level One Training Course – Introduction to the Investigations and Security Industry

    • Professionalism, Leadership and Safety 
    • Commissioned Security Officers, and Licensees 
    • Field Note Taking and Report Writing 
    • The Role of the Texas Commission on Private Security

Texas Commission on Private Security Level Two Training Course – Power to Arrest

    • The Role and Responsibilities of the Security Officer 
    • Areas of Responsibilities 
    • Prevention is the Key 
    • Get Help 
    • Relations with Local Police 
    • Observation and Report Writing 
    • Authority to Question and a Basis for Making Decisions 
    • The Security Officer’s Legal Responsibilities and Liabilities 
    • Factors to Consider Before Making an Arrest 
    • Apprehensible Offenses 
    • Private Person’s Arrest 
    • The Suspect 
    • After the Arrest 

In addition to the Level One and Level Two training, every security officer is issued the “Sun City Security Officers Handbook,” and is required to become thoroughly familiar with all policies and procedures presented therein. 

On-the-job training is the quickest and most effective method of learning a given assignment. Our field supervisors are totally committed to the growth and development of our security force. 

All commissioned security officers must satisfactorily complete a Texas Commission on Private Security approved training course. While we recommend and strongly encourage all noncommissioned (unarmed) security officers to complete the course as well, we cannot require them to do so. 

To ensure that we are able to provide our client’s with well-qualified security officers, our security officers are paid above minimum wage. This results in a lower attrition rate within our security force.

Sun City Security Service is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer


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